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Dingxing create a dry ,clean and fresh room for u .

Home Use Hanging Moisture Absorber Bag

Household Absorber
Prevents the unpleasant consequences in your wardrobe due to excess humidity, also provides a pleasant fresh scent. It is conveniently shaped as a hanger for an easier use in wardrobes.It can also be used in storage rooms and small spaces up to 20 square meters.


  • Effective for up to 60 days.

  • Nontoxic and septic safe.

  • Hanging bag protects valuable clothing from damage and mold, mildew & musty odors.

Detail intruduction

Molds usually grow in damp areas. Our hanging moisture absorber can help remove the moisture in a room or enclosed space.It is widely used in indoor place such as wardrobe, closet, bookcase, shoe cabinet etc. and anywhere else damp is present. 

Using Steps 

 Step1:Remove from carton and discard clear plastic wrapper

 Step2:Unfold and hang with enough space to allow air circulation.

 Step3:When all white crystals have dissolved, discard in trash while holding bag upright and replace.


1:Don't eat ,don't roll it over.

2:Keep out of reach of children.

3:Store away from food & drink.



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