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How to calculate when choosing desiccant

    The desiccant is an adsorbent with extremely strong adsorption capacity. It is completely exposed to the air (relative humidity 80% -90%, temperature 25%) and completely absorbs 35% -39% moisture in 7 hours. A substance desiccant formed by chemical reaction of sodium sulfate ---- silica-silica gel desiccant. This synthetic chemical sentence has the characteristics of porous inner structure and irregular granular outer structure. Numerous capillary void networks formed between such internal molecules can form the so-called capillary absorption and suspicion, which can effectively absorb the molecules of water, alcohol, hydrocarbons and other chemical substances around it. People use these physical properties of silica gel to make silica gel desiccant become the best absorbent today.

    Calculation method of using desiccant

    Selection of general desiccant

    For simple calculation of general desiccant, the dosage is calculated according to formula (A1):

    W = 1 / 2K * V ·· A1

    In the formula:

    W-the amount of desiccant, g;

    K——The coefficient of relationship of the moisture absorption rate of the desiccant [K = Kb / Ka. Ka is the moisture absorption rate of fine silica gel at a temperature of 25 ° C and a relative humidity of 60%. 30%; Kb is the moisture absorption rate of other desiccants (such as molecular sieve, alumina, activated clay, etc.) under the same temperature and humidity conditions. When using fine silica gel, K = 1];

    V-the internal volume of the packaging container, dm3 (measured value).

    Desiccant is also called absorbing agent. It is used in moisture-proof and mildew-proof. It plays a drying role. According to the different adsorption methods and reaction products, it is divided into physical adsorption desiccant and chemical adsorption desiccant. Physically adsorbed desiccants include silica gel, alumina gel, molecular sieve, activated carbon, bone charcoal, charcoal, mineral desiccant, or activated clay, etc. Its drying principle is to physically adsorb water molecules in its own structure.