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TOP ONE DRY Container Desiccant

TOP ONE Series
With our TOP ONE Dry, your products will be safe while in transit.TOP ONE DRY Container desiccant by reducing the relative humidity in confined spaces, it easily protects your products from moisture damage caused by condensation and container rain.


  • Up to 300% absorption rate

  • Comprehensive protection for your goods from moisture;

  • Non-dusting, strong and hard to tear,Easy to install and remove .

  • Moisture turns into gel, leakage free;

  • One-way breathable water-proof material

  • Broad application temperature range from -5℃ to 90℃;

  • Provides 60 days or more of moisture protection;

Detail intruduction
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TOP ONE DRY are made of Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) and starch with outstanding effectiveness. This achieves that all the absorbed moisture is captured inside the bag and can not be released again.

Available in strip and pole, it has an outstanding capacity to absorb moisture from the surrounding air and trap it as a gel that will not spill or drip.

 Leave moisture problems

behind with TOP ONE Dry!

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TOP ONE DRY is also available in other material to meet your market demands. Pls contact us and we will give you more solutions . Welcome!


It is widely used in these industries products and healthcare products, such as electronic ,machinery, medicine, food ,  camera , light, book and leather Products,etc..

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