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Storage time and use area of mildew proof tablets


What is the area of use of a piece of anti-mildew? How long can it be stored normally? What is the shelf life of unused anti-mildew tablets?

    I believe that many of our friends who do foreign trade in footwear and apparel are very concerned about the storage time of anti-mold tablets. Because doing foreign trade, it may take a month or two for the products to be transported at sea, so it is very important to choose a good anti-mold product. For foreign trade manufacturers of shoes, clothing and leather, anti-mold tablets are the preferred anti-mold products, so the storage time of anti-mold tablets is the first point that should be considered. So today, our editor will tell you how long this can be stored and How big is the applicable area of anti-mildew tablets, will it affect the foreign trade sales.

 The storage time of anti-mildew tablets is generally about one year. It will be effective from the factory. If it has been opened, it must be used as soon as possible. If the unused anti-mildew tablets should be stored in the tin foil bag and used up within the next day, it is ideal. The effective area of a piece of anti-mildew film is roughly the size of an ordinary shoe box. One piece of shoes and clothing is usually enough, and two or three pieces of leather are appropriate.

 Note on the use of anti-mildew tablets:

    1. Open the Minghui environmental protection mildew proof aluminum foil packaging bag and take out the mildew proof sheet.

    2. Place the anti-mold piece in the special anti-mold work box, pull the first piece through the external interface to the outside of the outlet, and seal the work box.

    3. Place the anti-mold sheet in the packaging that requires anti-mold and quickly seal the package.

    4. Before the small package with the anti-mildew film put into the big box for sealing, two more pieces should be attached on the top of the big box for strengthening protection.