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DINGXING the leader of desiccant industry, help you prevent moisture damage, and give you moisture solution.

How Purchase silica gel desiccant and choose a professional manufacturer


We only make new silicone materials, some of which are unknown recently, so the purchasing customers say that the prices of their products are very beautiful. You think you have bought them cheaply. In fact, you are not buying 100% new silicone materials. My integrity, you can rest assured that the water absorption rate of normally fully saturated silica gel can reach 35%. The water absorption rate of recycled materials is very low, and even there is no water absorption rate. There is only "one price for one price". In order to avoid more customers who do not know this situation from being harmed, I hope you can shop rationally.

Our company operates enterprises in good faith, with more professional technology to give back to all walks of life, and strive to become the leader in the industry, please choose honest and reliable manufacturers to cooperate, welcome to consult us, let us answer for you!

Main features of the product:

No harm to people, no harm, no odor, correct, no harm to human health under use.

Mild nature, physical adsorption, mild reaction, stable chemical properties, reliable and safe.

Excellent moisture absorption, with strong moisture absorption and moisture resistance, which can effectively protect items from moisture.

Applicable places: clothing, shoes, bags, electronic products, home appliances, leather products, medicines, crafts, etc.