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Do you know if electrical appliances need to use desiccant or not?


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Do you know if electrical appliances need to use desiccant or not? 

Let the professiona desiccant manufacturer tell you how to do .

Electrical product have parts made of aluminum and steels. If the weather is wet, and product will take 10-30days to ship. During shipping ,there have many moisture in the container. It;s easy to be mould .It is mainly to prevent the system pipeline water capillary ice block and dirty block. So we need to use desiccant and absorb moisture from the container during shipping.

Which electrical appliances use desiccant?  Refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner and so on.

Besides electrical appliances, most electronic parts also need desiccant to proof moisture. Because electronic parts are easy to be mould . So it needs to be used desiccant during shipping to advoid moisture damage. These products need to use silica gel desiccant. As it;s the safest and the most environmental desiccants. Silica gel is DMF free,highly active adsorption. Adsorb up to 34% of its own weight.Long shelf life when stored in airtight conditions.Non-flammable. Insoluble in water and any solvents.Non-poisonous and tasteless,chemical stability.After absorbing, it also remains physically unchanged. Meanwhile, silica gel is the only desiccant approved by FDA and can be used in direct with drugs and food. 

Electronic appliances moisture-proof desiccant has the following two types:

1. Silica gel desiccant

2. Montmorillonite desiccant

Desiccant moistureproof effect from the drying and its own performance, the use of the environment to consider.

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